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Making it possible for flower lovers at all levels to grow and enjoy flowers and to build businesses based on flowers! From flower farming to a farmer-florist business, to florists that want to use locally grown flowers: our courses offer endless pathways to build a business based on flowers. Our courses are taught by industry leaders that are innovative and dynamic teachers.

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Online course learning is convenient and easy!

Like any profession, mastering the work to find the most efficient, easiest, and cost effective way is what leads to success. Our instructors are sharing from their years of first-hand experiences of building and running businesses.

School course registration is only open once a year and for a short period of time. Schools content is rolled out over six weeks of classes, see individual School courses for details. School courses include weekly Live Q&A sessions with the instructor during school.

You’ll love learning from online courses. It’s much like an in-person class but even better because you can watch at any time and for as many times as you want because you have forever access. It’s like purchasing a book, but instead of reaching for the book, reach for a device with internet access and log in to your course library to access your purchased courses.

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Flower Farming School Online

Growing Cut-Flower Crops in Hoop & Greenhouses 

with Steve and Gretel Adams


Take a walk through the world of growing in structures! 
Push aside the fear. This course will make you an informed hoop and greenhouse grower.

6 Week Course
Open Enrollment November 19-23
Classes start January 2022

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The Basics, Annual Crops, Marketing, & More!

with Lisa Mason Ziegler

Start or improve your business! 
What starts as a dream-come-true business can quickly turn to endless weeds, flat sales, & overwhelm, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

6 Week Course
Open Enrollment October 1-5
Starts November 2

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Bulbs, Perennials, Woodies, and More! 


Diversify your offering! Increase sales, customer loyalty, and opportunities. Growing in crates, tunnels, and in the field.

6 Week Course
Open Enrollment June 14-18
Classes start July 8, 2022

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Farmer-Florist School Online

The Wedding Process

with Jennie Love

How to build a successful farmer-florist business.
Learn the key components to running a wedding and event-centered farmer-florist studio.

6 Week Course
Open Enrollment October 15-19
Classes start November 2021
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Florist School Online

Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing with Ellen Frost

Learn how to set your shop or studio apart! Sourcing local flowers and ways they benefit your business.


6 Week Course
Open Enrollment November 5-9
Classes start January 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions


I scratched my head wondering “Why is this course so cheap while others are more than twice the expensive?” My intuition told me “Take the plunge!”
By far the BEST investment I have ever made as a new flower farmer.


I am a very visual person and feared that the videos would not hold my attention….I could not of been more wrong. I took a class last year, which was more than double the price. I assumed, since the other class was more expensive, it would have more information. Not the case….. this class is way more informative and I finally feel I knowledge to start a flower farm. 


Having lifetime access to your courses is absolutely a life saver! All winter and spring I have been referring back. I love that everything is so clearly labeled and easy to find and you can just pop back and find just what you need!

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